Flamboyance Diva by Angelo Seminara


DIVA is the second interpretation of Flamboyance from Angelo Seminara. It is a representations of a contemporary, active woman that discovers the pleasure of feeling special and unique just like an iconic and glamorous beauty of the past.

Daily-life beauty

Flamboyance DIVA suggests simple, yet refined and sophisticated looks that makes today's woman, involved in living her daily life, perfect and gorgeous like a true diva without losing her simplicity, spontaneity and down to earth approach.

Feminine harmonic hair

Every image of the Flamboyance DIVA collection suggests an elegant, perfect and absolutely sublime style. Each of them presents light, organic forms combined with fresh, feminine nuances. The hair is lit with tone on tone reflects to enhance natural movement and to avoid artificial contrasts.

Easy-Chic Diva

Flamboyance DIVA is Angelo Seminara own tribute to the appeal and glamour of the diva of the past. It’s a personal and contemporary interpretation of their timeless and beauty ahead of fashion and styles.

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